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More Companies Ready to Start Hiring Again

A growing number of chief executives at U.S. companies say they are more optimistic about the economy and plan to step up hiring. According to a recent Business Roundtable survey, 42 percent of CEOs said they planned to add staff in the United States over the next six months. This is a 16 point improvement from the December reading and more than double the 16 percent of CEOs who expect to cut jobs.

NowHiringAnother recent poll by KPMG International found overall high optimism for higher revenues, profits and new business in the coming 12 months among manufacturing- and service-industry exectutives. The survey reports more than 92 percent of U.S. manufacturing executives said they expect hiring demand to increase or remain the same in the next 12 months, up from 89 percent in October. This includes 37 percent who expect hiring to increase, up from 30 percent.

When your company is hiring, what do you look for in a potential employee? There may be specific skills or certifications that a position requires, but what about traits like attitude or a good "fit" with your team? You can read some CEOs' thoughts on finding the right employee in this article from Smart Business.

When it comes time for the interviewing process, what should you ask of the candidate, in addition to the usual interview questions? How do you feel about asking for a copy of their most recent W-2 form? According to recruiter Russ Riendeau, "You want to save money next year? From now on, demand a copy of the W-2 before you make an offer. You will save $20,000, $50,000 to $100,000 over a year’s period of time, because you're already overpaying." You can read more or Riendeau's interesting suggestions in a talk reviewed here in Plastics News.

If your company is looking to hire within the fluid power industry, or perhaps you looking for a new position for yourself, try According to the About Us page, " was created by fluid power people, for fluid power people ... With a combined total of more than 40 years of experience in the industry, our management and consulting team put together their best ideas to provide a one-stop career website for professionals in the fluid power industry."

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