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Megatrends Spur Innovation at Eaton

Eaton-logo-1Eaton Corporation has a great set of videos, stories and web pages dedicated to the trends that will shape the future of their company. Eaton wants to produce more of what the world needs while consuming less of the world’s energy and resources.

To do that, they’ve identified Megatrends that will shape Eaton’s innovations, including:

Eaton-megatrend1Population growth - 7 billion people depend on farmers for their food, in just one generation, more than 9 billion people will rely on these same food sources. Production increases will have to come from improved yields.

Infrastructure - Rapid Urbanization will create the need for new and shored up infrastructure and increased energy demands. In the next 20 years it’s estimated that $57 trillion will be spent on global infrastructure projects.

Energy - By 2050, billions of people will migrate to cities in search of prosperity, global energy demand will increase 30%. With oil remaining the world’s top energy source, increasing fuel efficiency in cars will be key to conserving energy and protecting our environment.

Eaton-megatrend2Reducing Emissions – Between 1900 and 2008, global carbon emissions have increased by more than 16 times. Addressing the impact of greenhouse gases will be critical.

Increased Air Traffic – Over the next twenty years air travel will increase and 35,000 new planes and added infrastructure will be needed to meet this demand.

To see the video, click here. Check out their web page listing the megatrends that Eaton is focusing on to develop innovations that will help customers find ways to use power more efficiently, reliably, safely and sustainably.

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