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Make Life Easier with These Gmail and GoogleDocs Tips

Here are a few new apps and tips we have compiled for anyone who uses Google products like Gmail or GoogleDocs. Thanks to Lifehacker for these tips!
Google_logo2A free program called ScanDrop lets you scan documents directly to GoogleDocs. Simply open ScanDrop, load the papers to be scanned, then do minor edits with ScanDrop as needed—rotate pages, crop, and provide a new folder name, if necessary. Click the "Upload" button to send your documents as PDF files. Read the Lifehacker article with video here.

You can use CloudPrint and your mobile Gmail account to print documents on your home printer from anywhere. First, you'll need to set up your printer for CloudPrint. Then, the next time you're away from home and want to print out an email or an attachment, just open Gmail's mobile web interface and click the Print button from the top right-hand dropdown box. When you return home, your email will be waiting for you at the printer. Read the Lifehacker article here.

If you have multiple Gmail accounts, you probably want an easy way to switch from one to the other. Did you know Google now provides a way to access two Gmail accounts at once in the same browser? You can use this tip from Lifehacker to make the switch even more quickly by editing the URL.

And if you really, REALLY like Google, you can use these instructions to set up Gmail as your central, universal communications hub. It's possible to create one all-inclusive Inbox for all your SMS messages, phone calls, instant messages, voicemail, and more.


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