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LinkedIn a Great Tool to Drive Traffic to Your Website

Linedin3A good article by Steve Rayson of socialmedia today talks about a study by Investis IQ that tracked the percentage of visitors to corporate websites from social media platforms.

The Audience Insight report found that LinkedIn drives a significantly high number (64%) of corporate website visitors compared to other social media tools like Twitter, Facebook, and others.

Although Facebook came in at 17%, it is down from 30% two years ago and Twitter is gaining influence, up from 4% in 2011 to 14% today.


A few other notable facts from the Investis study: Corporate website visits are up by nearly 25% in two years, driven by mobile technology. Visits to corporate websites from mobile devices increased 400% in the past two years. Just over half (54%) of all visitors to corporate websites come via search engines.

Read the complete article here. Rayson also provides tips on 9 Ways to Improve your LinkedIn Marketing.

Tribute, Inc. has a company page on LinkedIn as well as Tribute and TrulinX groups for sharing of information between customers. LinkedIn is also a great way to network with others in your industry - there are many professional and trade organizations on LinkedIn. 

Just type in "fluid power" into the group search and you’ll pull up everything from IFPS to the Industrial Automation & Process Controls Network to the Digital Fluid Power Network to the Canadian Fluid Power Association.

Here are a couple of our past articles on social media:

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