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Let's Talk About Trends in the Pump Industry

Pumps-systems-logoIf you're in the pumps and related systems marketplace, the industry publication, Pumps & Systems, is a great source of timely information on your industry.

The only pump-related monthly trade publication that partners with two recognized technical associations on editorial coverage of pumps and related operations, Pumps & Systems, is the recognized authority for information about pump operations in process industries.

They have a great series of articles on what to expect in 2017:

Let's Talk About 2017

More than 30 industry leaders answered key questions about the pump marketplace in 2017. The Pumps & Systems editorial team selected excerpts from their responses to help you prepare for the new year.

Pumps-Systems-20179 Critical Questions about Pump Industry Regulations in 2017

Michael Michaud, executive director of the Hydraulic Institute, spoke with Pumps & Systems about how end users can prepare for new Department of Energy rules and policies.

6 Global Factors Affecting the Pump Market in 2017

Many of these factors relate to the ongoing instability in various parts of Europe, but in today’s interconnected global economy, innumerable current events and trends can impact the marketplace.

Preparing Today’s Workforce for Tomorrow’s Challenges

With large numbers of people retiring in the coming years, the industry is emphasizing training opportunities more than ever.

Plus, check out what many pump manufacturers and distributors see in pump market trends in 2017 and their annual Wall Street Pump & Valve Industry Watch.


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