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Latest Trends on the Internet 2014

InternetReporting on the latest trends on the internet, technology industry analyst Mary Meeker of Kleiner Perkins Caulfield Byers presented her annual report at the Code Conference this week.

A former analyst at Morgan Stanley, Mary Meeker presents her popular report each year on the growing and waning trends in technology. Presented in an easily digestible slide deck, the report is an interesting and insightful analysis of technology trends and their influence on media consumption, commerce, security, healthcare, education and a host of other areas.

The biggest trend she singled out: the way we’re creating masses of new data with the mobile devices and other sensors we carry with us.

The number of sensors and other components in mobile devices like smartphones and tablets shipped every year has increased more than six times over the last five years.

That means there’s been a corresponding rise in the amount of data all those sensors are generating — data that can be easily mined and analyzed due to the falling cost of cloud storage and computing power.

Meeker predicted we’ll see a host of “pattern-based solutions” to complicated problems like energy consumption and healthcare, and, unfortunately, new threats to privacy and individual rights.

What are some of the important trends relevant to distributors & manufacturers?

  • Tablet usage growing quickly with +52% early stage rapid unit growth
  • Mobile is the growing force in advertising and monetization opportunities
  • Mobile apps trump mobile advertising
  • YouTube channels have a huge reach & potential for growth, especially in mobile
  • Cyber threats intensifying with +95% of networks compromised in some way
  • Communication is evolving through new technology platforms
  • Data mining / Analytic tools improving & helping find patterns
  • Sensor use rising rapidly

Click here to see the complete slide deck.

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