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Keyboard Shortcuts That Enhance Your PC Productivity

Constantly switching between your mouse and your computer keyboard can really slow you down. Learning to use keyboard shortcuts for common tasks can improve your productivity at your PC.

Keys Here is a list of 15 handy keyboard shortcuts that work in Windows 7 and most web browsers, including:

  • Delete an entire word: Ctrl + Backspace
  • Launch the Task Manager: Ctrl + Shift + Esc
  • Open a new browser tab: Ctrl + T
  • Reopen a closed browser tab: Ctrl + Shift + T

(Click here to read the full article by Matt Silverman for the OPEN Forum)

For a more comprehensive list, here is a list from Microsoft of numerous keyboard shortcuts that function under Windows Vista and later versions.

Try learning one new shortcut per day or per week, and soon you'll be enjoying a few extra minutes per day to crank out more work (or to watch the latest viral video on YouTube, your choice).

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