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Keeping Your Customers Happy

J0431739 As most industrial distributors know, providing excellent customer service is what defines their competitive edge. So what services do customers really want? According to The Daily Stat published by Harvard Business Publishing* the highest number of U.S. consumers surveyed responded with their wish list:

65% said "knowledgeable employees," which most defined as able to "answer my questions without putting me on hold, searching for someone, or transferring me."

62% said "treats me like a valued customer."

54% said "demonstrates a desire to meet my needs."

31% wanted "relevant/personalized service."

So how can you deliver? Read Industrial Distribution’s timely article on 8 Tips To Improve Your Customer Service.

Utilizing input from customer service experts John Boyless, Curt Tueffert, Jeanne Bliss and Kim Shacklett, Industrial Distribution outlines eight tips to help you make the people with whom you do business customers for life.

*Source: What Services Customers Really Want, Harvard Business Review, September 2009

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