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Keeping Your Computer Shiny and Clean

Have you taken a close look at your computer keyboard lately? How much dust, lint, hair, grease, and food residue is lurking around those keys? And what about those smudges on your screen or the increasingly loud noise of your cooling fan? A dirty computer is not only disgusting, but could lead to overheating and higher maintenance costs. Keeping your desktop or laptop computer clean can keep it running smoothly and extend its life.

Computer-clean For both desktops and laptops, start with these all-purpose tips from Microsoft.

If you have a desktop PC, try these steps (with photos) from Maximum PC to clean the exterior and interior.

For laptops, you can find basic steps here, courtesy of If you are feeling brave, try this article (photos included) from TechRadar to open up your machine for a thorough cleaning inside and out.

Ever spill your coffee or tea directly on your laptop? Use these tips from PCWorld immediately (with video) to save your laptop from the effects of a spill.

Do you have greasy spots on your keyboard or your laptop trackpad? Try a Mr. Clean Magic Eraser to take the grease off. This article from Lifehacker explains how.

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