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Is Your Business Experiencing Supply Chain Disruptions? Here's An Easy Work-Around

Have you been experiencing difficulties in securing raw materials or product for your industrial distribution/fabrication business?   The challenges the COVID-19 pandemic brings, with temporary reduction of staff, reduced operations, and lack of materials, is demanding a change in how industrial distributors do business.  If you find yourself with not enough inventory to fulfill essential needs of your customers, or too much inventory due to the reduction of business, it's time to consider ways to streamline your inventory flow.

Mark Tomalonis, Principal, WarehouseTWO, LLC has a great work-around to supply chain challenges many distributors are facing today.  The work-around is this:  leverage the finished goods inventory in your suppliers' wholesale channels.  

Read the full article here.


After a successful career in sales and operations management in the wholesale-distribution industry, Mark Tomalonis is now principal of WarehouseTWO, LLC.  He amuses himself by writing articles, such as this one, to help wholesaler-distributors execute their operations better.  Mark’s articles and tips are published in WarehouseTWO’s monthly e-newsletters.  Click here to subscribe.

About WarehouseTWO
WarehouseTWO, LLC is an independent “inventory-sharing” service created exclusively for durable goods manufacturers and their authorized distributors, and for any group of durable goods “peer” wholesaler-distributors, such as members of a buying/marketing group or cooperative.  To learn how inventory-sharing with WarehouseTWO can help your business, visit the WarehouseTWO website, or email

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