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iPad Apps for Meetings, Presentations and More

As recently as a couple of years ago, you needed to carry a bulky laptop, bag and cables if you needed to give a presentation or to work away from your office. This is rapidly changing with the rise of the tablet computer, and especially with the iPad.

IPadbusiness There are iPad apps that duplicate more traditional desktop programs, as well as business apps that capitalize on the iPad's touchscreen and other unique advantages. PC Magazine has compiled a list of their top picks in this article by Jeffrey L. Wilson.

Whether it’s a structured sales presentation or a casual brainstorming session, there are iPad apps that help you do everything for a presentation, from creating slides to taking minutes. This article by Sharlyn Mauby for the OPEN Forum lists eleven of the best.

We hear a lot about these productivity tools for the iPad, like the ones listed above. But small businesses are using tablets in many innovative ways to achieve a reduction in paper and printing costs, greater efficiency, better customer service, user-friendly training, and an overall vibe of high-tech "cool". How about placing your order at a restaurant using an iPad? Or reading a digital magazine at the hair salon instead of a printed one? Check out this slideshow from PC Magazine to see ten of the most creative ways small businesses are using iPads.

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