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IndustryPigeon: A Social Trade Network for Industrial Trade Professionals

Industrypigeon-logoSocial networks are no longer just for connecting with old friends – there are some great social network sites that promote interaction and conversations among industry peers.

We reported previously on SpiceWorks™, a social network for those in IT and PEX: The Process Excellence Network, a resource for those interested in Lean Business Processes. Many organizations, like Automation.Com and Tribute, Inc., utilize LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter to help their members network.

Today we introduce you to IndustryPigeon – a new Social Trade Network designed for industrial trade professionals. IndustryPigeon merges social media concepts with practical business applications for industry professionals seeking strategic business connections, communications, and collaboration within their company and extended enterprise.

Industry-pigeon-graphicThe core functionality of IndustryPigeon focuses on three vital areas of workflow for industrial trade professionals: meet, share, and transact.

IndustryPigeon serves industrial trade professionals including manufacturers, manufacturer's reps, technical sales and marketing personnel, industrial buyers, distributors, service providers, and others in related professions.

To maximize trade connections and industry knowledge, users can "follow" industries such as apparel, consumer electronics, mechanical parts, measurement, tools and much more.

Unlike Facebook, information or business conversations are not unconditionally shared with a user's connections, unless specified on the Pigeon Post. Users always know exactly who they are communicating with.

Similar to public social media sites, IndustryPigeon recommends "people" connections, but those suggestions are based on the industries you follow and how those trades relate to each other. You can connect with customers, vendors, co-workers, sales representatives and other people in your business circles. You can also follow on Facebook, Twitter & Google+.

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