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IFPS Designates June 19th as Fluid Power Professionals' Day

Ifps-logoThe International Fluid Power Society (IFPS) has dedicated June 19 as “Fluid Power Professionals’ Day” – a day of recognition for those who work in the fluid power industry.

Fluid power affects every aspect of our lives; every type of vehicle we operate, every consumer product manufactured, and every bite of food we eat has some component of fluid power in its creation.

June 19th was selected as the celebration date in honor of Blaise Pascal, a French mathematician, inventor and physicist whose work in hydrodynamics and hydrostatics paved the way for fluid power.

Ifps-photo-contestIFPS and the Fluid Power Journal are celebrating the day with their first annual fluid power photo contest! You can submit a photo in one or all four of the following categories:

  • People with a Purpose – These submissions should depict fluid power professionals at work or working on fluid power equipment [e.g., a group shot of certified employees by the company sign, employees assembling or testing equipment (safety glasses required)].
  • Power Density – These submissions should depict large pieces of equipment or the amazing power that can be achieved through fluid power systems (e.g., large tunnel boring equipment, the valves in a processing plant, descaling in a hot strip mill).
  • Path of Least Resistance – These submissions could depict the conductors and connectors used in most fluid power systems or could depict the path a piece of equipment creates (e.g., hose, tubing, or pipe; a conveyor; road building).
  • Fluid Power in Motion – These submissions should be action shots of fluid power (e.g., amusement rides, packaging, food processing, robotics, etc.). Both linear and rotary motion will be accepted.

Winners' names, photographs, and captions will be published in the July/August issue of the Fluid Power Journal to honor and celebrate Fluid Power Professionals Day. IFPS also provides suggestions for celebrating the day, from wearing items noting your fluid power affiliation or organization to demonstrating practical applications of hydraulics.

For more information, read this article in Fluid Power Journal. If you’re a fluid power distributor looking to upgrade your business management software, look at the benefits of TrulinX software by Tribute, Inc.

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