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How To Use a Technology Analyst Firm

Robert-eastmanAfter the past few years of tightening budgets, many small business owners are now spending money on new technology. Spiceworks™, Inc., the world’s largest social business network for IT, released the results of its bi-annual State of SMB IT survey of technology purchasing and adoption trends among small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs). According to the survey results, SMBs are continuing to expand IT budgets, which now average $152,000 per year.

Many small business owners are overwhelmed by all the new technology available and what it means to their business. With staff stretched thin, it’s difficult to devote the time to researching the many options available. That’s where having the input of a good Technology Analyst Firm is invaluable.

Robert Eastman, an analyst with Calyptus Consulting and co-founder of SMB Research (a technology advisory firm), provides an informed insight into what you should be looking for in a technology analyst firm.

“It’s a difficult task because the analyst firm industry has many flavors, business and revenue models, services, and deliverables. Analysts are often lumped in with consultants and consulting, and, for many, even the lines between analysts, consultants and resellers, VARS and MSPs (managed service providers) are blurry,” states Eastman.

Listed in his article are some insights into what a technology firm is, the value propositions and objections to using a technology analyst firm, and tips for working with a technology analyst firm.

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Robert Eastman, an Analyst with Calyptus Consulting (a consultant firm focusing on procurement, and procurement training, in the public and private sectors), and Co-Founder of SMB Research, has more than 30 years of experience working in discrete, hybrid and process manufacturing industries and has worked with companies on technology initiatives, strategic technology decisions, tactical issues, and mission-critical inquiries.

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