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How Small Businesses Can Score Hotel Discounts

If you travel a lot, you deserve some respite and reward. But discounts and perks are typically given to large companies with corporate volume accounts. How can a small business glean the same VIP treatment that large clients receive? Author Shira Levine offers the following tips in this article from the OPEN Forum:

  • HotelKeysBecome a Big Fish in a Small Pond. Choose smaller, independent hotels and become a big customer.
  • Don't Use the Term "Corporate Rate." Corporate rates don't necessarily guarantee the most discounted prices.
  • Go Face-to-Face to Your Chosen Hotel. Do your business on site instead of via phone or email.
  • Be Direct and Honest. State that you'd like a certain rate, a specific room, and that you will come back frequently.
  • Request a Friendly Meeting With the Hotel's GM. Clarify that this is a meeting about how happy you are and how great the hotel is. Managers love to hear you love their hotel.
  • Don't Rely on Corporate Club Memberships for Deals. Many smaller hotels incorporate in a concierge floor, food and beverage options without requiring an annual club membership.
  • Take Notice of New Startups and Hotels on the Fringe. The obsession with racking up points often leads to ignoring more immediate discounts.
  • Tip the Staff. It never hurts to tip staff after enjoying that extra welcome.

You can read the complete article here.

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