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How's Your Password Security?

PasswordIn case you missed it, February 1st was National Change Your Password Day. With all the systems that have been hacked recently from major retailers to technology firms, it’s a good time to review your password protocol.

The days of sticking to the most common passwords like “123456”,“password”, and, yes, “monkey” are over.

Spiceworks, an online community of IT pros we’ve recommended in the past, has some good articles on creating and maintaining password security at work and at home.

Their article, Seven Security Steps to Take on National Change Your Password Day, lists the Security Best Practices you should employ at your company. Enforcing a strong password policy and implementing 2 factor authentication in your IT environment are two suggestions.

Most users don’t have good passwords because they don’t understand how to create them. Spiceworks has a good training guide in creating a secure and memorable password. One of their best pieces of advice - Use separate passwords for work and personal accounts. I'll add another - use separate passwords for banking and all your other miscellaneous accounts.

Lifehacker also has a helpful series of articles on how to audit and update your passwords and how to build a password system that you’ll spend less time worrying about and more time using, without the hassle of remembering dozens of different passwords.

What are you waiting for?

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