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How Robotics is Reshaping the Distribution Industry: Insights from Howard Coleman

In a world where e-commerce is booming, labor markets are tight, and supply chains are fragile, the distribution industry has been undergoing a significant transformation. Howard Coleman, principal of MCA Associates, sheds light on this topic in his recent article published in Industrial Supply Magazine. With a focus on how robotics and automation are reshaping warehouses and distribution centers, Coleman explores the benefits of these technological advancements for warehouse workers and the potential for a more efficient and productive workforce. Enjoy Howard's article (shared with permission) and dive into the impact of robots on the distribution industry.

Howard W. Coleman, Principal at MCA Associates, a management consulting firm, works with wholesale distribution and manufacturing companies - seeking and committed to operational excellence through continuous improvement solutions. Howard is also the creator and host of the “MCA Talk” Podcast Series; Distribution on the Cusp of Metamorphosis. He may be contacted at 203-906-7268, or by email at


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