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Government Spending Leads to Automation Opportunities

Recovery Act Bill Lydon at has compiled a list of business opportunities created by the stimulus package. He includes information on the electricity and wind energy markets, plus state and federal Recovery Act websites.

Here are some interesting facts from the article:

  • Electricity consumption is set to double by the year 2030. Aging electric grids in mature economies require billions of dollars' worth of upgrades.
  • The word's wind energy capacity will nearly triple in the next five years. This development will be led by tremendous growth in China, and steady expansion in Europe and North America.
  • A link to the Associated General Contractors of America website outlines how $140 billion in construction spending will be distributed.
  • Onvia has created to track stimulus spending and provide accountability to the public. Use it to look up stimulus projects by state, county and city.
  • The article also contains a list of all 50 states' economic stimulus recovery websites.

For the complete article from, click here.

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