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Goodyear Engineered Products / Veyance Technologies Utilizing RFID to Track & Monitor Hose & Belting

As RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) products improve and get smaller, manufacturers are taking advantage of the technology to automatically track and monitor their products. Goodyear Engineered Products / Veyance Technologies has Implemented RFID to enhance traceability and improve operational efficiency with its hose and belting products.

Improved Belt Monitoring

Goodyear-sensor-guardVeyance Technologies invented and introduced the original Sensor Guard in the mid 1970s, and began worldwide distribution by the mid 1980s. Sensor Guard® is a rip detection system that protects conveyor belts with advanced capabilities that keep belt rips to a minimum, saving users time and money. The latest advanced design involves RFID Technology, improved loop design, and Ethernet connectivity.

Sensor Guard works on the premise of closed-circuit loops and RFID tags embedded in the belt, monitored by electromagnetic detectors placed at high potential damage points. As the conveyor moves, these loops and tags pass over the detectors which generate output pulses.

If the belt begins to rip, a sensor loop is also cut. As this cut loop passes over a detector, no pulse is generated. The lack of pulse is recognized by the control unit, which signals the drive controls to shut the conveyor down to minimize further damage. The recorded tag information positively identifies the location of the damaged area.

Hose Tracking


Hose_trakkerHose Trakker Online powered by InfoChip is a serial number-based hose tracking system jointly developed for Goodyear Engineered Products by InfoChip Systems Inc. Goodyear Hose Trakker Online takes the guesswork out of hose maintenance.

With a click of a mouse, the web-based tool monitors inventories, product location, maintenance schedules and test history of industrial hose assemblies. The on-line tracking system provides end-users with detailed hose assembly records and helps ensure consistent, reliable hose assembly performance throughout the life of a product.

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