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Good Go-To Resources for Distributors

Pc_resources There’s a wealth of information easily available on the web to help you navigate the tricky waters of distribution, technology, and running a business. Many industry publications and consultants offer free advice in their blogs and access to good articles. Here’s a listing of just some of our favorites:

Modern Distribution Management Blogs – Covering a wide range of topics

Fluid Power Talk – Hydraulics & Pneumatics’ blog by Mary Gannon

Automation.Com’s e-newsletter archives – topical information on automation

Flow Control Network - technical articles, new products & information for the fluid handling market

Pumps & Systems - Resource for Pump Users with technical articles and chat forums

Industrial Supply’s Archives - Articles by a number of authors and featuring experts Jason Bader (The Distribution Team), Frank Hurtte (River Heights Consulting) and Howard Coleman (MCA Associates)

The Supply Chain Management Review’s Blog

Modern Materials Handling Blog

The SMB Research Blog – Ideas & Insights on IT & Technology for Small-Medium Business

The Marketing Maven Blog – The Industrial Supplier’s Guide to Online Marketing Success

Duct Tape Marketing by John Jantsch – Simple, Effective and Affordable Small Business Marketing

Jim Pancero’s Sales Blog – You Can Always Sell More! Sales tips

BNET - an interactive business network - The latest news from the National Small Business Association

Small Business Trends

You’re the Boss – The NYTimes blog on running a small business

Smart Business Network - Success stories from folks in the trenches

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