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Gone Phishing??

Phishing“It was an overcast October morning when my phone rang. I picked it up and greeted the user on the other end of the line. Quietly she said, “I think I messed up...”

What sounded like an opening line of a fictional story filled with betrayal and fear, turned into a triumphant “phish tale” for one IT professional.  Read his story on Spiceworks where he explains how he took his company from a 40% phish prone rate to 4.86% in just six months!  His plan included a free “phishing” test (KnowBe4), and getting management buy-in for a company-wide protection plan, as well as company awareness and training initiative. 

Spiceworks is an online community of IT pros.  We’ve posted several of their articles in the past, including “Spiceworks: A Social Network for IT”, and “How’s Your Password Security?

Gone phishing: How I taught my users to stop clicking everything.

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