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Go-To Website: Mobile Hydraulics Tips

One of our go-to websites for information in the fluid power industry is Mobile Hydraulics Tips, by Design World. Editor Paul Heney is constantly updating the site with handy info and current news in the world of fluid power. They also have a great site, Pneumatics Tips.

Ryco-cardOne of his recent articles features a great safety tip from Ryco Hydraulics for anyone in the hose assembly business - a wallet card that explains the five pieces of critical information you need to give you doctor in case of a hydraulic fluid injection injury.

  • Type of fluid
  • Amount of fluid injected
  • Pressure of fluid injected
  • Degree of spread of infected material
  • Time between injection and treatment

Most doctors don’t know how serious injection injuries are and a card like this would facilitate the proper treatment. There’s even a space on the front of the card where the user can write the name of nearby hospitals that are experienced in treating these types of injuries—something that you won’t want to have to start researching AFTER the injury, when time is of great importance.

Mobile Hydraulics Tips also contains information on industry conferences, new products, mobile apps, instructional videos and more. You can go to or find them on a variety of social media sites, such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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