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GlobalSpec: An Excellent Resource for Industrial Distributors

Globalspec If you don’t know about GlobalSpec, you’re missing out on a great resource. This company provides specialized vertical search and information services serving the engineering, manufacturing and related industrial market segments. They offer a wealth of free information through 60+ product and industry e-newsletters aimed at specific markets such as Industrial Automation, Fluid Power Components, Flow Control & Fluid Transfer, Motion & Controls, Material Handling & Packaging Equipment, Test & Measurement Equipment, just to name a few.

The newsletters are some of the best in the industry - full of cutting edge products, useful information and fun facts. GlobalSpec also provides free online training events and trade shows that give you the opportunity to learn about the latest products and solutions from the convenience of your desktop. On June 9th you can participate in the Motion Control online training session.

GlobalSpec recently published their 2010 Economic Outlook Survey – a survey of their global user base in the industrial marketplace. The comprehensive results from over 2,000 engineering, technical, manufacturing and industrial professionals in the United States show a prognosis for 2010 that is much more optimistic than it was a year ago, with spending and sales expected to increase.

Some highlights from the 2010 Economic Outlook Survey results include:

  • The majority of companies are spending the same or more in 2010 than in 2009 in every category of products, components, and services.
  • Every industry will experience increased spending in 2010. In both mechanical components and manufacturing equipment, spending will increase 9 percent over last year.
  • The three top areas where companies will be devoting time and effort in 2010 are entering new markets, new product design & development, and researching future projects.
  • Semiconductor & Electronic Components and Automotive—two of the hardest hit industries in 2009—are expected to improve in 2010.

"I am encouraged by the results of the survey,"said Chris Chariton, vice president of marketing services and product management for GlobalSpec. "Although the results are optimistic, suppliers are still under pressure to optimize marketing resources and achieve a strong return. They must be smart and competitive, carefully choose target markets, and maintain online marketing frequency where there is the greatest opportunity. We encourage suppliers to apply what was learned during the downturn - what customers are seeking, how to reach them, and how to adjust messaging to get their attention."

Capping off the study (page 20) are Five Marketing Strategies to help suppliers succeed in 2010.

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