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Gates® PT Toolkit™: A Mobile App for Gates Power Transmission Distributors

Gates-calculationsAre you a distributor of Gates power transmission products? Gates Corporation has come out with a free mobile app that bundles together some of the most commonly-referenced power transmission calculations for quick and easy access. The Gates® PT Toolkit™ mobile application for iPhone® and Android® devices is free and available for download from the Android Market and Apple App Store by clicking here.

All four calculators are accessible 24/7 in the office, during remote field visits, and anywhere in-between. In offline mode, calculator results can be generated and saved. When wireless service is restored, email calculations directly to customers, colleagues, or yourself. Anywhere it’s used, the Gates PT Toolkit mobile app will help continue powering progress.

Gates-pttoolkit-energyThe Features:

1) Energy Savings Calculator
As first seen on, enter some basic facts about your motor to get instant estimated annual savings when converting to a Gates synchronous belt drive.

2) Center Distance Calculator
Calculate approximate belt length and center distance for both synchronous and V-belt drives. (Note: For exact center distance calculations, please contact the Product Application Engineering team at or by calling the hotline at 303-744-5800 opt.2).

3) Belt Tension Calculator
Quickly calculate ideal belt tension or belt length for Gates V-belt drives or Poly Chain® GT® Carbon™ belt drives. (Note: this feature does not include belt drive ratings and should only be used to calculate tension on existing drives. Software for new belt drive designs can be found at

4) Conversions Tool
Effortlessly convert fractions into decimals or millimeter equivalents and paste results into the app’s other calculators if needed. Additional conversion formulas offered include “Inches to Millimeters”, “Watt to Horsepower” and many more.

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