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Four Ideas to Supercharge Your Next Business Trip

If you have a leadership position, chances are you do a fair amount of traveling. However, the time spent waiting in lines, killing time in terminals, and the other tedious tasks associated with travel can interrupt your focus on leadership and kill your motivation to use that downime productively.

Business-travelNext time you travel, try a couple of these ideas from Les McKeown in this article for Inc.:

  1. Can the cab, coach a colleague. At the start and end of a trip, ask a coworker to drive you to or from the airport. This gives you one-on-one time with someone you wouldn't ordinarily have more than a water cooler discussion with.
  2. Learn the art of context. We know that every trip will have the security line wait, the hotel transfer, the kicking around the boarding gate or lounge area. Try to plan ahead to use that time wisely. For example, compile a folder of tasks that you know you can work on at short notice and for short periods of time. Pre-program your phone with calls that can be cleared quickly, or configure your iPad with a screen of apps and websites that you can access profitably for five to ten minutes at a time.
  3. Focus on input, not output. Too often while traveling, business leaders do precisely what they would be doing at the office: output, output, output. Next time you travel, set aside time for input. Read something you've been promising yourself you'd read, or watch an inspiring movie. Output always gets done in the end, so make room for input.
  4. Add time and subtract stress. Frequently we schedule our business trips to get in, do whatever needs to be done, and get out. Yes, you may get the sale, or schmooze the client, or learn best practices about x or y, but this allows no time to step back and gain the insight that a slower, less pressured itinerary would allow.

To read the entire article, click here.

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