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Fluid Power Lessons You Didn't Learn in School

BimbaAre you new to the fluid power industry? Have a newly minted degree in mechanical engineering, but not sure how it applies to hydraulics and pneumatics as a power medium?

Bimba, a provider of industry-leading pneumatic, hydraulic and electric motion solutions, has a handy tip sheet on the 10 Fluid Power Lessons You Don't Learn in School.

Written by Charles J Murray, Senior Technical Editor of DesignNews, the tip sheet is a great overview of what you need to consider as you design with fluid power in mind.

DesignNews-logoAs Murray states, "most design engineers in this country learn their fluid power on the job. And it's why they sometimes make mistakes they could easily avoid if the theoretical underpinnings of the subject were more readily available."

And while many hydraulic and pneumatic suppliers offer training classes for design engineers, for those who can't immediately attend such programs, Design News offers a compilation of some of the most common mistakes in fluid power design.

Hydraulic-failuresThe mistakes cover a broad range, from problems with pneumatic tubing to errors in hydraulic force calculation. Some may seem elementary.

But suppliers agree on one point: Avoiding them in your projects will not only cut time and save money, it will eliminate countless headaches.

Click here for the downloadable Tip Sheet. 

For more technical tips from Bimba, check out their library filled with user manuals, product instructions, quick-start guides, programming and configuration software, cost saving calculators, videos, webinars, and more.


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