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Five Ways to Use Your Old Smartphones

OldPhones How many old smartphones do you have sitting around unused at your business? You may not have an active service plan for these phones, but that doesn't mean they're totally useless. It can be handy to keep an old phone at your home office, or drop one in your travel kit in case you have a problem with your primary phone. Here are five interesting uses for an old smartphone, courtesy of this article by Tim Brookes for

  1. Skype phone: If you have an old Wi-Fi compatible smartphone, you can use it as a dedicated Skype device and call or text other Skype users for free.
  2. Remote control: An old smartphone can function as a handy remote control for your media center or computer using one of several free iPhone or Android apps.
  3. Portable audio: Take advantage of the storage space on your old phone and listen to music and podcasts if your iPod's not accessible, or as a Bluetooth-ready audio player for your car.
  4. USB storage and mass transfer: Most smartphones will mount in a USB mass storage mode for transfer of data to a PC. If your PC and phone both support Bluetooth, you can transfer information wirelessly.
  5. Video and audio: Apps are available to turn your old phone into a webcam or for recording dictation.

You can read the full article here.

If in the end, you really have no use for your old phone, some models still have resale value on a site like eBay or Or, consider donating it to one of many charities that will gladly accept it (we are partial to Cell Phones for Soldiers).

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