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Expert Advice: The Distributor Channel

Frank-hurtte-picIf you’re in the industrial distribution industry, you’ve probably heard Frank Hurtte Jr speak at an industry convention or read one of his many articles for publications like Industrial Distribution, Hydraulics & Pneumatics, Electrical Wholesaling, among others.

The founder of River Heights Consulting, Hurtte authors an informative blog, The Distributor Channel, utilizing his 30 years of distribution industry sales and technology background to educate others. Dedicated to take the friction out of the distributor channel, The Distributor Channel features stories and commentary on the world of Wholesale Distribution, Distributor Management, and Strategic Planning.

His recent article, Can We Save Good Business from Being Destroyed by Purchasing Departments, features our vendor partner, Strategic Pricing Associates, with some good advice on making it difficult for your customers to negotiate price.

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Frank-hurtte-bookAbout Frank: After graduating from the University of Illinois with a degree in Computer Engineering, Frank decided to pursue a career in the business side of Automation. During his career, Frank has worked in many aspects of the industrial distribution business, from branch manager, to product management, to VP of Technical Sales.

Frank has served on the Board of Directors of the Association for High Technology Distribution and as the president of that organization. Over the years Frank has served on numerous Manufacture/ Distributor Advisory Committees and defacto problem-solving groups.

Upon founding River Heights Consulting, Frank has put his broad range of experience to work helping others with Sales, Marketing and Distribution based issues. Check out his new book, The Distributor’s Fee Based Services Manifesto: Why you need to consider charging for your services or visit him at

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