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Eaton’s Blog: The Plug – IT News That Matters

The-plug-logoTribute vendor partner, Eaton Corporation, industry experts in reliable and efficient backup power, airflow management and power distribution, has a great blog called The Plug.

Each week, Eaton scours the Internet to bring you the top five IT industry headlines of the day.

The Plug is a great source of current information on the IT industry and helpful articles by experts. A few recent articles:

Eaton-logo_switch_onThe Plug also has a cache of success stories, whether you’re looking for ideas or inspiration. They highlight how companies have successfully used Eaton products and solutions for reliable and efficient backup power, airflow management and power distribution.

The Thought Leadership section contains an expanding library of know-how, written by industry experts and if you can’t find the answer there, you can always Ask The Experts.

Tribute, Inc. has partnered with Eaton Corporation to streamline their distributor's supply chain. If you’re an Eaton distributor looking for upgraded business management software, click here to see how Tribute software can help you run your business efficiently.

Here’s a list of previous articles that may be of interest to you as well:

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