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Eaton Releases Updated Power Xpert Insight software

Eaton-logo-1Power management company Eaton recently announced the release of the latest version of its Power Xpert Insight software.

The power and energy monitoring platform provides a dashboard view into real-time energy usage, efficiency and power quality for facility, energy, information technology and health care managers.

Eaton-PowerXpertSoftwareThe update builds on the robust platform by adding real-time capacity management for power distribution and power quality devices.

The update also allows users to perform simulations of electrical load increases, set capacity thresholds and model potential system impacts to help reduce the risk of unplanned downtime and provide adequate system protection prior to the addition of new electrical equipment.

With an intuitive user interface, Eaton’s Power Xpert Insight software allows customers to view real-time information down to the device level, view energy usage and demand data, compare and trend data, and view a one-line representation of their electrical system.

The newest version of the software builds on these capabilities with the new capacity management function. It is specifically designed to provide users with accurate capacity management and planning tools, such as color-coded graphs, user-defined thresholds for cautionary, critical load levels and trend graphed simulation capabilities.

 To learn more, click here.

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