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Eaton Corp. Offering Training on LifeSense Hose

A Eaton-Lifes reported by, Eaton Corp. P.L.C. has started training classes for distributors to learn how to assemble hoses with its LifeSense-brand hydraulic hose condition monitoring system.

The two-day training classes will be held at Eaton's site in Maumee and are scheduled for January, February, May and August.

Eaton launched the LifeSense product in the fall of 2011, which monitors the condition of hydraulic hoses and reports any imminent failures in real time. Rather than using estimates to predict hose failures like some products on the market, the LifeSense™ system actually detects when a hose is nearing the end of its useful life.

The company claims the system can provide better than 50 percent more useful hose life, increase reliability, protect workers, reduce collateral damage, maximize uptime, improve the efficiency of maintenance operations and protect the environment, both from potential spills and from hoses being sent prematurely to landfills.

Since Eaton first announced the technology, distributors have wanted to know if the LifeSense hose systems will be products they can assemble themselves, as they do with the Aeroquip and Weatherhead hose lines.

Kelly Floyd, product manager for LifeSense and Synflex Hydraulic within Eaton's Hydraulics Group, says that distributors must go through the Certified LifeSense Distributor Training Program to be able to get the product, and then will be able to assemble themselves.

The training programs that begin next month in Maumee will include both textbook and hands-on training. To read the complete article by RubberNews, on click here.

Click on the link to read how Tribute’s TrulinX software powers Eaton's pilot project - the Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store - a real-world training ground and laboratory for Eaton distributors.

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