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Do You Need an iPad for Your Business?

When the iPad was unveiled in January, it was originally marketed as a consumer device. However, many small businesses and entrepreneurs are finding innovative ways of using the iPad to help their businesses and professional lives run more smoothly and profitably.

Are you tempted by this sleek new device, but need justification on whether to spend the money to get one? This article (courtesy of Mashable) lists some reasons why you should and shouldn't rush out and buy one.

Want to read some real-world examples of ways that businesses are using the iPad? This article from Macworld cites seven businesses, including Mercedes-Benz dealerships, using the iPad effectively at work.

Will the iPad withstand daily use on your shop floor or your salespeople's routes? This article from details the experience of a company who won 20 iPads and recently deployed them in the construction business.

Owning the iPad itself is not enough, though; you need apps to go with it. This article from PCWorld lists some must-have apps for business professionals.

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