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Developing Your 2010 Selling Plans and Strategies

JimPancero Jim Pancero, nationally known sales trainer and consultant, says that it’s time for sales teams to use the lessons learned during the challenges of selling in 2009.

Pancero states that the tough economy likely changed forever the way your customers buy. This also affects what sales professionals have to do now to increase selling effectiveness and sales revenues.

In his article, You Can Always Sell More – by Developing Your 2010 Selling Plans and Strategies,” Pancero states that there are four fundamental buying expectations or attitudes will permanently change the way you need to sell:

  • Change #1 - Buyers still believe they control the recessionary market and can make additional demands of their vendors.
  • Change #2 - Financial justification is now a part of every selling opportunity.
  • Change #3 - Protecting your current customers from competitive attacks cannot be ignored or avoided.
  • Change #4 - Customers are expecting new ideas, new approaches, and new solutions from all their vendors.

Based on all these changing selling realities, Pancero offers five ideas or suggestions to help increase your competitive advantage and selling success in these changing times:

  1. Define and strengthen your messaging of uniqueness and ability to offer more value than your competitors.
  2. Sell as a single team with consistent messaging and selling processes.
  3. Become masters of financial justification.
  4. Develop a full year selling game plan and strategy for your most important accounts.
  5. Decide this is the year to become a student of selling again.

Click here to read the full article and Pancero’s tips for selling success.

Jim Pancero has been directly involved in "business-to-business" selling for over 35 years. In 1982, Jim founded his advanced sales training and consulting company. Since then, Jim has conducted over 2,500 presentations or consulting days for 500 companies and has contributed articles to ISD and other publications.

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