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Counter Sales: Looks Do Matter

Your mother may have told you otherwise, but looks do matter - at least when it comes to your storefront or sales counter. Greg Gorman of GMG Design, Inc. wrote an excellent article for Industrial Distribution about the importance of the layout and design of the showroom and service counter. Gorman utilizes his experience as a retail consultant specializing in merchandising and store design to give you tips that will enhance the customer experience and generate additional sales.

Summer Rodman, president of Amazon Hose and Rubber Company, remodeled the Orlando store last year utilizing the same concepts Gorman detailed in his article. Featuring bright graphics and putting their logo front and center, she improved the lighting and thought carefully about the layout of the store and product placement.


Right, Left and Back Walls

Retailers and grocery stores generally place top-selling and frequently used items in the rear of the store. This forces customers to walk past, through, and be exposed to merchandise categories that they may not typically want or even realize you sell. Since most people entering a space walk to the right, that area should be dedicated to merchandise.


A Bright & Clutter-Free Counter

It’s important to keep the counter area bright, clean and clutter-free, as this is where the customer places their items to reach for their wallet and credit card. It’s smart to place a few selectively placed vendor racks with items that are good impulse buys. Good lighting is essential throughout the store and especially over the counter. Additional task lighting over the counter allows your customers to peruse catalogs and review paperwork.


Signage and Graphics

It’s important to have bright and bold signage that repeats the name of your company and your logo throughout the store. This will differentiate you from the competition and make your brand special. Keeping a unified color scheme will enhance your brand image.


Commissioning a bold mural on the exterior of the Orlando store, Rodman figured out an innovative way to draw attention to the business. Continuing with the company's vivid lime green color scheme, using large graphics and a thoughtful layout, she remodeled the store to make the store visible, the counter the go-to place, the product easy to find, and her company easy to remember.

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