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Cost Effective Marketing: E-newsletters

Email_newsletter_marketing Media buyers and marketers looking to stretch every dollar and invest in effective and measurable marketing programs should add an e-newsletter to their marketing mix, says Angela Hribar of MediaPost’s Performance Insider. E-newsletter advertisements are a low-cost complement to your online marketing efforts.

Her article, 5 Reasons E-Newsletters Lead To Marketing Success, gives some compelling reasons to add a regular newsletter to your marketing efforts:

  1. Your customers and prospects rely on e-newsletters as an information source
  2. E-newsletters connect you with hard-to-reach prospects
  3. E-newsletters are measurable
  4. Save money, resources and time with e-newsletters
  5. Generate quality leads

Click here to read the full article with details on each point.

Now that you’ve decided to do a newsletter, what do you put in it? Dave Chaffey of Smart Insights suggests creating an e-newsletter that keeps subscribers engaged by providing the right balance of sales, information and entertainment.

Since online users are there primarily for learning, having fun or socializing as shown in the graph below, it’s important to design and layout your newsletter to keep your prospects engaged. Chaffey gives some great examples in his article, Enewsletter marketing – are you getting the sell, inform, entertain balance right?, of what to do, and what not to do, to get the right sell-inform-entertain balance.



Source:  RF Intent Index

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