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Constant Contact’s Tips for Email Marketing

Constant-contact-logoEmail marketing is one of the best low-cost advertising tools in your advertising & communications arsenal. It’s an inexpensive way to connect with prospects and clients to talk about your latest offerings and industry news.

Tribute, Inc. uses Constant Contact, an Engagement Marketing specialist, to communicate with our customers and prospects.

This year, Tribute is proud to have earned Constant Contact’s All Star Award, an annual award to recognize customers who excel at using their tools to engage with their own customers and build great relationships, given to the top 10% of users.

Constant-contact-awardConstant Contact has a wealth of resources for those just getting into the game and make it easy to set up templates with professional flair. If you’re interested in utilizing email marketing, their Email Marketing 101 series is a great place to start.

While you decide on what type of template to use, considering how “mobile-friendly” it is should be a priority. With 43% of consumers now accessing emails via a mobile device, and the trend increasing all the time, formatting your emails to be easily readable on a mobile device is smart.

David Gerhart, product manager at Constant Contact, has a great article on 5 Simple Tips for Mobile Friendly Emails.

SMS-marketingOne of the ways that businesses—both large and small—are taking advantage of the recent surge in mobile activity is by adding text messaging (SMS marketing) into their marketing mix.

Today, a majority of Americans are actively using text messaging to stay in contact with friends, family members, and colleagues. These are people who are actively engaged in the content they’re receiving. Today, 90% of text messages are read within three minutes of delivery.

You can use this permission-based tool for short, time sensitive communications; this means everything from appointment reminders to last minute sale alerts. And you can use email to send more content and information to the place your customers are already going every day: the inbox.

The combination of SMS marketing and email marketing could be exactly what you need to adjust to the needs of your increasingly mobile audience. For more info, read Shane Neman of Ez Texting’s article on the Constant Contact Blog, How to Use SMS Marketing to Compliment Your Email Marketing Campaigns.

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