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Conference Attendance Tips Part 2: Packing

The 2010 Tribute and TrulinX User's Group conference is taking place next week. In Part 1 of our blog series we gave you some general tips on preparing for a business conference.

Here in Part 2 of our series we'd like to pass on some tips for packing. We gleaned these gems from this article, courtesy of Inc. Magazine online:

  • Lists, lists, lists. Don't just make one list of what to bring; make several.
  • Lug not what you can ship. More business travelers are taking advantage of the fact that it has become easier to ship things to and from a hotel.
  • Check the forecast. Before packing your clothes, check the long-range forecast to see what the weather has in store. 
  • Just the basics. Decide what you absolutely must pack and what can stay at home. Also look for items that can do double duty.

Are you flying to the User's Group meeting? You might want to review these guidelines for packing from the Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

Also, be sure to consult your airline for any size/weight restrictions or additional charges for your baggage. Here are links for many of the major airlines:








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