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Coming to a PC Near You - Tribute Online Training!

Online training Improving Efficiency & Productivity
through Online Training

A well trained staff maximizes the return on your technology investment and increases your profit margins. Utilizing all the tools that Tribute and TrulinX have to offer enables your staff to work more efficiently and productively. Sometimes that requires additional training.

However, training tends to get put on the back burner when time and money are tight. In response to customer demand for a low cost alternative to traditional onsite training, Tribute, Inc. has added flexible options to our ongoing educational programs by the implementation of online training via interactive web-based seminars. Online seminars are a quick and easy way to make the most of your technology investment.

Tribute Online Education helps you:

  • Maximize Efficiency and Productivity
  • Reduce Training Expenses
  • Reduce Employee Downtime
  • Train new employees quickly
  • Optimize Skills Retention

As with our onsite consulting services and Tribute University Classes, Tribute Online training will be conducted by our experienced and knowledgeable training and support staff. These live virtual classes will be one hour in length and will cover a wide range of topics to enhance your expertise of distribution practices and the Tribute Software and TrulinX Software Systems. Class size will be limited to ten participants to optimize interaction with the trainer.

This new delivery option helps reduce travel costs and downtime associated with traditional training and allows your staff to implement knowledge gained immediately, offering real value to your work force. Online training is more affordable than traditional classroom training, with savings of 60% or more. This option also allows us to add classes quickly to cover new releases and products and strengthen skills.

A schedule and description of online classes for Tribute Software and TrulinX Software users is available on the member’s pages of the Tribute website.

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