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Bosch Rexroth's Powerful New Informational Tool: The Rexroth GoTo eBook

Bosch-rexroth-ebookFor engineers and OEM project managers on the go, Rexroth has developed a powerful new informational tool: The Rexroth GoTo eBook. Optimized for iPad, it combines all current GoTo Focused Delivery Program catalogs into an easy-to-use digital format, with added features such as embedded videos, helpful white papers and links to online Rexroth resources.

The new GoTo eBook makes it easier and more convenient for machine builders, system integrators and end-user manufacturers to use Rexroth’s GoTo Focused Delivery Program to specify and obtain the high-performance, in-demand products offered through the program.

Rexroth’s GoTo Focused Delivery Program provides industry-best delivery times for a broad range of Rexroth‘s most popular electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, linear motion and aluminum structural framing products.

The GoTo eBook contains the same information as the print catalogs: all product descriptions, product photos, system specifications and other data needed to select and specify required products. What it adds is the convenience of a single, integrated digital resource that puts a wide range of Rexroth product information at user’s fingertips – on the factory or shop floor, in working sessions with clients or project partners, or anywhere they choose to work.

Bosch_rexrothThe GoTo eBook has been optimized for use on the Apple iPad®, supporting multimedia features such as videos and touchscreen control. Additional, more basic versions are available for E-reader platforms like the Kindle™, Nook and other system, with functionality limited to the specific reader capabilities.

Rexroth designed the new GoTo eBook to make effective use of digital e-book features:

  • All individual GoTo catalogs can be accessed from the eBook Quick Links and Resources page
  • Individual product listings digitally link product pages with one click or finger tap – no more paging through multiple pages
  • Search functions let users enter product names or other terms to find products in any catalog
  • Product and part number tables are expandable so users can view specific product details
  • Prominently placed links connect users with Web access to product-specific GoTo program web pages for up-to-date information

In addition, the GoTo eBook has added informational resources: For iPad users there are multiple video segments that include system demos and operational training information. There are also links to informative Rexroth case studies and technical papers, to help engineers and systems designers make the most effective use of the Rexroth GoTo products they specify.

Downloading the new GoTo eBook is easy: a dedicated download page has downloading instructions and links for downloading versions compatible with the iPad, Kindle, Nook and other e-reader platforms. The download page is

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