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Boosting Your Social Media Visibility with Images

Social-networkIf your company is using social media, utilizing images will help boost your content's visibility. A reader's attention is more easily drawn to images than text alone.

Twitter released data showing that tweets with images generate 35 percent more retweets than those without.

Facebook says that posts with images generate 100 percent more engagement than text-only posts and LinkedIn revealed that members who share images with their network are five times more likely to have other LinkedIn users engage with their updates.

Constant Contact has some great resources to help you utilize images in your social media, including: 

15 Helpful Resources for Using Images on Social Media and 2014 Social Media Image Size Cheat Sheet. 

Wow-factorA great image grabs attention and has the power to leave a lasting impression on your audience. People also feel a stronger connection to organizations they patronize when they get a peek behind the scenes of the company and photos from local events they support. 

So capture the audience's attention and add a splash of color by incorporating dynamic images in your posts.

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