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Best Credit Cards for Airline Rewards, Gas Rewards, and More

Individuals and businesses are using reward cards to pay for travel, shopping, gas and everyday expenses. Interest rate alone is no longer the only consideration for using a particular credit card. But which card is best for you?

CardRewards There are several credit card comparison websites out there, but NerdWallet offers a clean and simple way to compare over 1700 credit cards at once.

Are you a frequent flyer? NerdWallet has put together a helpful infographic with information on how you can use your credit card to help avoid the extra baggage charges levied by certain airlines, along with information on which credit cards can help you gain Elite status.

Another chart on the NerdWallet blog lists the best gas rewards cards, weighing factors such as annual fees, gas rewards caps, limitations on where you can fill up or what kind of gas you use, and spending thresholds in which your full rewards rate kicks in after spending a certain amount per year.

This article by Ivan Daniel for Daily Markets lists the best rewards cards in categories such as:

  • “Cash is king. I prefer getting discounts and cash rebates”
  • “I’m a business owner and I want to earn rewards on my business expenses”
  • “I’m a big spender; I have discerning taste and I prefer a prestigious card”

and more.

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