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Be Part of the Innovative Manufacturing Education Program: American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses

SRB-logoAn innovative high school vocational manufacturing program has students doing production work for paying customers. Cardinal Manufacturing in Strum, Wisconsin is a high school vocational manufacturing program that operates as a commercial business. Students in the program make parts for paying customers.

This non-profit program was founded by the American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses and was inspired by National Rural Teacher of the Year Craig Cegielski's vision for Manufacturing Education.  The program was founded to help schools train the next generation of manufacturers and entrepreneurs using the Student Run Business model. 

SRB-photo4It all started when Craig Cegielski, a newly hired Technical Education Teacher, realized his yearly budget was only $10,000. He was shocked to say the least and thought that there must be a better way. Being a positive, resourceful guy with a "can-do" attitude, he developed a "Student Run Business".

This innovative model allowed the school to build, grow and sustain a high level manufacturing program that otherwise was unattainable.  The students run every aspect of the business, from marketing to shipping and everything in between.  Partnering with local industry and uniting the community has been key to the program's success.

SRB-photo3Recently other schools have adopted the model and are quickly gaining their own success. The non-profit is focused on helping organizations who desire to have a "Student Run Manufacturing Business".

Since many schools have no budget for Manufacturing Education, their  mission focuses on eliminating road blocks, mentoring startups and showing schools how to achieve a self-funded, self-sustaining program.

Manufacturer Partners Jump Onboard

When Matt Guse owner of MRS Machining in Augusta Wisconsin first heard about the Student Run Manufacturing Business in operation at Eleva-Strum High School he was all in. He went home that same day and began the process of becoming a foundational "Industry Partner", the force behind this type of program.

SRB-photo1These programs operate through the conduit of industry partnership.  Industry Partners provide capability by donating equipment and supplying work for the business, giving students the opportunity to make real parts for industry while fostering a self-sustaining enterprise. They support filling the skills gap in the most affordable way, partnering with local industry and uniting local communities. 

Get Involved

If you or someone you know has done well in American Manufacturing, we ask you to join us in giving back. The goal is to help every community in United States train their young people utilizing the latest technology while showing them how to maintain this high level of education long term.

For more information and to become an Industry Partner of the American Center for Student Run Manufacturing Businesses, visit

Photo Credits: American Center for Studen Run Manufacturing Businesses

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