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Are You PCI Compliant?

The white paper, entitled, "Stopping Data Cyberthieves in Their Tracks," explores proven technologies and techniques for thwarting those who try to hijack, steal or destroy sensitive customer credit card and purchase-card (p-card) information housed at corporate or government data centers.

"Because every point at which credit card data is handled must be secured, conforming with PCI rules as well as building and defending one's own data fortress can be extraordinarily difficult and prohibitively expensive," Aaron Bills, founder and chief operating officer of 3Delta Systems, explains.

"Organizations that collect and store that data themselves often find the process to be a huge headache with potentially significant liabilities rather than a convenience for their customers. Transferring sensitive credit card and payment transaction data off site, where it is encrypted and stored at highly secure, PCI-compliant processing centers, is often the best solution."

Cybersecurity National Cyber Security Awareness Month, organized by the National Cyber Security Alliance (NCSA), heightens awareness of cyber security issues and promotes best practices for online safety among businesses, governments and the general public. More information about the organization and tips businesses can use to secure their intellectual property and customer’s data can be found at

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