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Apps to Manage Your Business Finances

Moneyphone Unless you're an accountant, managing your business (and personal) finances is probably not a duty you enjoy. But if you could simplify just a few tasks, and maybe perform them on-the-go with a slick app, it might ease the burden a bit.

This article by Anna Lindow form the OPEN Forum lists five online tools to help you manage your business finances:

  • Expensify: Helps you manage expense reporting on your smartphone by uploading receipts, adding account information, tracking expenses, syncing with QuickBooks and creating reports and spreadsheets.
  • Chargify: Simplifies recurring billing and online subscriptions.
  • InDinero: Track your money with a real-time financial dashboard that pulls information from your bank and credit card accounts.
  • FreshBooks: Online invoicing, time tracking and billing software.
  • Teaspiller: Connects small business owners with the accountant that best meets their needs based on location, user reviews, experience, certifications, and specialties.

Another article from the OPEN Forum by Annie Mueller points out nine smartphone apps to help manage your money, including:

  • Pageonce:  Account and payment tracking, including email and text alerts about upcoming bills, suspicious account activity, credit card limits, low checking balances, overdraft fees and more.
  • Loanshark: A loan calculator and advisor to help you determine exactly how much in interest your loan will cost you, see the effect of paying an extra payment per year, and more.
  • XE Mobile Currency: Provides live currency rates and a currency converter.

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