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Advocating for Business Owners

TimReynolds Headshot-small By Tim Reynolds

On a recent Gallup Healthways survey of 100,000 Americans, business owners outrank 10 other occupations in overall well-being, despite working longer hours and earning slightly less, on average, than professionals and managers/executives, who rank second and third. Service, clerical, transportation, and manufacturing workers are at the bottom, in the low 40s on Gallup's 100-point well-being index compared to over 70 for business owners.

Autonomy, influence, and a sense of meaning are associated with lower stress and fewer work-related illnesses, regardless of hours worked and, therefore, entrepreneurs score the highest in overall job satisfaction and well-being. As an entrepreneur, I can tell you that these statistics reflect my experience as the president and owner of Tribute, Inc.

COSE It is for that reason that I’ve devoted many hours over the years to advocating on behalf of small business owners. As the Chairman of COSE, the Council of Smaller Enterprises, I work with the COSE staff and fellow members to provide cost-effective group purchasing programs, advocacy on legislative and regulatory issues, networking and educational resources to help Northeast Ohio’s small businesses grow.

My association with COSE led to a position on the board of directors of the National Small Business Association, a non-profit organization dedicated to the advocacy of small business. This group represents more than 150,000 small businesses throughout the country.

The National Small Business Association (NSBA) is a national nonprofit membership organization founded in 1937, representing America's Small Business Companies and Entrepreneurs. NSBA is proud to be the first and oldest national small-business advocacy organization in the United States.

NSBA_logo NSBA represents all sectors and industries of the U.S. economy from retail to trade to technology -- our members are as diverse as the economy which they fuel. NSBA advocates on their behalf before the Executive Branch, the Small Business Administration, Congress, and state regulatory and legislative bodies.

A volunteer-led association, NSBA is headed by those we represent – small to medium sized business owners. Our primary mission is to advocate state and federal policies that are beneficial to small business, the state, and the nation—and promote the growth of free enterprise.

Both COSE and NSBA offer members a wealth of resources, from information on what’s happening in Washington to advice on a myriad of business issues. Check out NSBA's bimonthly Advocate Magazine, free weekly e-mailed newsletter and blog (The Small Biz Buzz) that will keep you informed on the latest small-business issues and trends.

Join this organization to take advantage of a wealth of resources and timely information on issues key to the small business owner.

NSBA - National Small Business Association
1156 15th Street, Suite 1100
Washington, DC 20005
(202) 293-8830

Tim Reynolds is the president and owner of Tribute, Inc., the former Chairman of COSE, and on the board of directors & Membership Chair of the National Small Business Association.

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