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5 signs it might be time to up your reporting and analytics game

Warning-Lightby Annie Eissler, Senior Marketing Consultant, MITS

Like the warning light that comes on when something is wrong with your car, here are 5 signs that whatever it is you are doing for reporting and analytics is no longer working for your distribution business:

  1. You have a ton of operational data in your ERP but it is time consuming and difficult to get to…and when you do finally get a report done, the data in it is out of date
  2. It is a bottleneck, even when it comes to running the      simplest of reports
  3. The foundation of your reporting and business intelligence program is built on manual processes and spreadsheet manipulation
  4. Too much time at company meetings is spent debating whose report numbers are right (there is no "one version of the truth")
  5. You keep finding yourself thinking (or worse saying) “I should check on that when I get back to my desk” during customer and vendor/supplier meetings

If any one of these sounds familiar, the time may be right for you to explore a new reporting and business intelligence solution.  Watch this one minute video to see how MITS helps Distributors use their TrulinX data to make better decisions:


Better decisions start with MITS Distributor Analytics

MITS Distributor Analytics is integrated with TrulinX distribution buriness management software by Tribute, Inc.

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