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12 Ways TrulinX Makes Business Simple for Eaton Distributors

Eaton_Authorized_Distributor_blueAre you a distributor of Eaton or its divisions' products? Does your current software require you to jump through hoops to calculate rebates, generate and send reports, send POs, or track and manage your assemblies?

Suppose you were able to get tighter and more accurate control over inventory while increasing productivity at the same time? For an industrial distributor, that is not an easy task.

TrulinX-LogoBut, what if you had business management software that was designed for distributors just like yours?  Well, it’s out there, and it’s called TrulinX!

Tribute's flagship product, TrulinX, was written from the ground up to incorporate the specific and unique advantages for Eaton and fluid power distributors.

Check out just some of the benefits of TrulinX software for Eaton distributors:

  1. Tribute’s proactive collaborative partnership with Eaton Corporation streamlines the distributor supply chain and cuts costs from your operation
  1. Easy transmittal of PO’s to Eaton Corporation
  1. Track and manage rebates easily
  1. Transmit POS/Rebate reports to Eaton effortlessly
  1. Easily submit required inventory reporting to Eaton
  1. Eaton-AQManage Aeroquip Express, Weatherhead Port-to-Port retail sales with the TrulinX Counter Module
  1. The TrulinX Hose Assembly Generator allows you to enter orders quickly with ability to create templates by series - a plus when customers are standing four deep at the counter
  1. Easily import pricing updates directly into TrulinX price matrix prior to effective date
  1. Easily upload new items or an entire product line into TrulinX
  1. A sophisticated and user-friendly Work Order Management system to track and manage large and complicated assemblies and sub-assemblies down to the component level
  1. EATON-VAN-WERT1Eaton’s Van Wert Aeroquip Express Store uses TrulinX software
  1. TrulinX is integrated with Eaton’s Inventory Sharing network – WarehouseTWO

Tribute also partners with other industry manufacturers to streamline their distributors' supply chain such as: Bosch Rexroth, Dixon Valve, Gates, Garlock, Pall, Parker Hannifin, and Sun Hydraulics.

These are just a few of the advantages of TrulinX software for hose and fluid power distributors. learn more about Tribute's industry expertise and how TrulinX software can benefit your organization, request a demo today.

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