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Pall Corporation Brings Clean Water to Villages in Grande-Saline, Haiti

Tribute vendor partner, Pall Corporation, has taken their water filtration system, Pall AriaTM, to Haiti! Partnering with SUNY Broome’s Health for Haiti program, villagers in Grande-Saline, a remote village in northwest Haiti, are thankful to have access to clean drinking water.  The system placed in Grande-Saline is a scaled down version of Pall Aria membrane system found in municipal water treatment plants.  It pulls up to 22 gallons of river water per minute, and filters out dangerous bacteria and pathogens, including cholera and Giardia.

BusinessWire reports that Haiti is the poorest nation in the Western Hemisphere. Partnering with corporations, local companies and area residents, SUNY Broome’s Health for Haiti program draws upon willing volunteers to provide time, skill, and financial resources.

“The launch of this Pall Aria system in Haiti is an extremely significant achievement,” said Jodi Tate, Vice President of Operations, Pall Process Systems. “Pall is honored to join the SUNY Broome team in providing a solution which enables the people of Grande-Saline to meet a very basic, yet very critical, human need. We are pleased to share our resources and skills to support a life-improving initiative such as this, and are thankful that our channel partners have contributed to this great cause as well."

KUDOS to Pall Corporation for doing their part to make this world a better place!

Learn more and see additional photos from SUNY Broome's Health for Haiti program.


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