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TrulinX ERP Software Success Story: Behco-MRM

Behco-MRM, a division of H&P Technologies located in Detroit, is a quad-technology distributor and integrator providing motion control solutions with pneumatic, hydraulic, electro-mechanical, and collaborative robotic technologies.

In 2011, H&P Technologies purchased MRM, Inc., and merged its operation into Behco. Each organization used a separate business management software system. After an in-depth review of their options, they invested in TrulinX to unify Behco and MRM onto one business system.

Their primary goals were to better track and manage inventory, to streamline labor intensive key job functions, and to lower their annual software expenses.

Implementing TrulinX helped achieve these goals. In fact, Behco-MRM has been able to aggressively pursue their acquisition, diversification and growth objectives.

Implementing TrulinX has helped Behco-MRM to run their operation much more effectively, eliminating time consuming, redundant tasks. This has allowed Behco to acquire and integrate organizations effectively and with a minimum of disruption, enabling growth while continuing to provide a high standard of service to their customers.

Behco-MRM's partnership with Tribute helps them: 

Behco-MRM Speaks Out .......

Converting Quotes to Orders:

The process of converting a quote to an order is very simple. In the past, many of our quotes were done outside of our ERP system because there was little value in having them in the ERP system. But, now that we can convert a quote right to an order, all of our quotes are done in TrulinX.

Invoicing Shipments:

Invoicing shipments from our warehouse used to be a separate task that took several hours per day. Now the process of invoicing shipments takes a fraction of the time and frees up personnel to allocate their time to revenue-generating activities.

Personal and Prompt Support:

With TrulinX, we’ve developed relationships with their support staff. The support staff is familiar with our business practices, which gives them unique insight when assisting on support calls. It’s a level of support we didn’t experience from other system providers.


The Tribute/TrulinX users’ group is a very valuable resource.  The group provides great opportunities for networking, business practice optimization and learning.

Inventory Management:

The advanced inventory management methods available in TrulinX serve us much better than the simple min/max method of our former ERP system. We are using EOQ, Customer Reserve Stock, Inventory Sharing, and traditional min/max methods to better serve our customers and manage our inventory.

UPS Worldship Integration:

The integration of UPS Worldship into our TrulinX system saves our warehouse staff a significant amount of time and reduces typing errors dramatically. Plus, the integration feature allows other functional areas real-time visibility on shipments; with access to tracking numbers and copies of packing lists immediately.

Tribute, Inc. is the leading provider of ERP distribution management software for industrial distributors that provide value-add services. For more information on TrulinX, fill out our contact form or call us at 800-874-2883 and ask for sales.


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