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The Importance of Building a Vendor Report Card for Industrial Distributors

How do your vendors rate?

Distributors often complain about vendor performance. However, as Jason Bader, Managing Partner of The Distribution Team, points out in his article, Building Your Vendor Report Card, we rarely let them in on the secret.

Distributors expect suppliers to understand their issues and often, the conversation with suppliers revolves around new products and sales figures.

Develop a Vendor Report Card

Bader suggests coming to supplier meetings equipped with a well crafted vendor report card that covers both the positive and negative aspects of your relationship and what can be done to address the issues that preclude you from mutual profitability.

Having the issues down in writing lends weight and conveys expectation. As Bader states, the document shows you means business. It's the same as saying, “If you wish to continue receiving checks from my company, these conditions need to be taken seriously.”

TrulinX Helps you Track Vendor Performance

TrulinX-LogoWith TrulinX software, you have the built-in reports and tools to rate your vendors by different criteria: 

Vendor Service Level by Location - Track if your vendors are conforming to your shipping specifications with vital information and numerous filtering options like: percentage of dollars and date range shipped on time, percentage of lines/units and date range shipped on time, dates beyond range percentage of lines/units shipped, plus Vendor Product Code, PO, SO and aging detail information.

Vendor PO Recap Expedite Report - Summarized the outstanding PO information by vendor.

Vendor Report Code - To report sales and rebates to a particular vendor. TrulinX includes Eaton and Parker Hannifin POS and rebate reports as part of the standard package.

Vendor Summary Report - Accounting information by vendor purchase-from location, including YTD purchases and payments, current and future balance, and more.

Vendor Volume Report - the total amount of goods you have purchased from your vendors with numerous filtering options including Show Top (x number) Vendors.

TrulinX also provides numerous SQL queries to further sort your data:

Average Vendor Delivery Report - Data on how your vendors are delivering to you by item, showing average days from PO to receipt of parts.

Total Sales and Purchases for Vendor 

Top Items Purchased from Vendor

Click here to read the full article by The Distribution Team on how to create a comprehensive Vendor Report Card and address key issues in the supply chain.

Click here to learn more about TrulinX software for industrial distributors and fabricators and see why it's time to invest in TrulinX software.


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